What’s your relationship with your financial future?

Financially successful people have generally one characteristic in common, you’re more serious than anyone on the planet about your finances. But dealing with money has several major challenges – you don’t want to ever run out, and decisions can be complicated and emotional. And if that’s not enough,  you know that life can be unpredictable.

Securing your financial future means being able to hope for the best, plan for the worst and prepare to be surprised. One of the best ways to prepare your finances is to work with trusted advisors who will be there to help you through life’s ups and downs.

We help business owners, retirees, and women in transition who seek advice and are willing to act on it. If this describes you, we stand ready to assist.

Our financial advisors, Brian and Kirstin, have helped many clients secure their financial futures for over 20 years. Brian Loy, CFA, CFP has been one of northern Nevada’s most respected financial advisors since 1995. Kirstin Griffin, CRPC, AIF, is Director of Investments and Client Relations.

We welcome the opportunity to meet and sit down with new clients and discuss your situation and goals confidentially.

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