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The Rising Sun and Rebuilding after Disaster

I feel for the people of Japan – those who have lost loved ones, are sleeping in the snow, or have had their lives disheveled by the earthquake and tsunami. Thousands of miles away, many find ourselves connected to the … Continue reading

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What Box to Check for My Retirement Benefit?

Wealth management… “Brian, I’ve been offered retirement from my government job, and I’ve got to decide on how to take my monthly pension. Some people are advising me to take the maximum amount. But that benefit will end when I … Continue reading

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Talking Plain English… Sounds Helpful, But Maybe Not

I was driving with my father-in-law last weekend. The vehicle ahead had a strange license plate. It read “Code 4.” He explained in radio talk – ten code – it meant “All clear, situation under control.” Ten code was a … Continue reading

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