Our Process

Making Sage investment decisions for you.

At Sage Financial Advisors, we understand that everyone’s financial situation is different, and the same methods don’t work for different clients. That’s why our Sage approach is tailored to your specific goals.

Before developing your investment strategy, we evaluate your current financial status and discuss what you’d like your status to be further down the road. We assess your investment goals, available resources, expected rate of return, time horizon, taxes, risk tolerance and special circumstances. Developing an in-depth, personalized profile allows us to tailor a customized plan that fits your specific needs and situation.

Next, a blueprint is drafted that’s completely unique to you – it’s called your Investment Policy Statement. It serves as a guideline for investment of your funds. Once your blueprint is in place, we provide personalized investment advice and management, each of which places heavy emphasis on both prudent investing (long-term investing vs. short-term trading) and asset allocation (diversification).

Asset allocation is the process of “splicing the pie” into different asset classes with the intention of earning your expected return and smoothing out the ups and downs of the markets. Studies have shown that over long periods of time, asset allocation is responsible for over 90 percent of the variation in portfolio performance.

Emotions and biases can be obstacles and thus it’s important to control investor behavior. We will help you stay on track with savings goals and hang in there when the markets get tough. We are not market timers, trend groupies, or traders. We can’t predict the direction of the next 20 percent market move; however, we are confident the direction of the next 200 percent move. When you are planning three, five or even more decades of investing, it’s the long term that matters.

While most investors “get it” when it comes to long-term investing, the periodic short term declines often give them grief. Because of this, we focus on managing risk. We use a combination of actively managed and index funds for equities, with less emphasis on individual stocks. A comprehensive evaluation process is used to identify and screen managers. These investment strategies instill discipline, eliminate the emotions of investing, and better enable our clients to achieve their financial goals.

Finally, our interest in your success doesn’t stop there. Once your strategy is established, progress is carefully monitored, providing you with easy-to-read quarterly reports. We make periodic adjustments to rebalance your portfolios and to reflect changes in your situation. After all, life does happen.

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