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Why Having a Fiduciary Financial Advisor Matters Thumbnail

Why Having a Fiduciary Financial Advisor Matters

As a client, how do you know that your financial advisor has your best interests in mind? Getting the best financial advice is challenging and firms and advisors attempt to differentiate themselves as fiduciaries. This article is about what a fiduciary financial advisor is, the difference between fiduciary and suitability standards and what you should focus on as a client while planning your financial future.

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Inflation Protection - Why It Matters Thumbnail

Inflation Protection - Why It Matters

Do you remember when the Post Office introduced Forever Stamps in 2007? They’re a non-denominated postage stamp used to mail first-class letters regardless of the current postal rate. Since 2007, the postage rate has increased on an average of 2.5% annually, almost seven times higher than it was fifty years ago. This is a basic illustration of inflation - a very hot topic right now. Read more to understand why it matters and how it may factor in your financial planning and investment decisions.

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